Bolt On Turbo Alza With Complete Package

RM8,500.00 RM8,000.00

  • Custom Turbokit
  • Fuel System
  • Custom Exhaust System (Turbo setup)
  • Engine Management + Dyno¬† Tuning (Emanage Blue)
SKU: BOT1001


Turbodottcomm are specialist in bolt on turbo system since 2007 with the high compression setup. No need to do major overhaul to change with the low compression piston. So you can save your money and get more powerful engine into you car.

About the maintenance?
– When we fit the turbo kit into your car, don’t worry about the maintenance. My turbo kit system doesn’t damage your engine and the maintenance also same and you just follow the normal service procedure.

Advantages of Bolt on Turbo with high compression engine setup. Easily get powerful engine with low boost.

-increase power
-increase tork
-save your fuel consumption
-increase top speed



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