TPS High Performance FUEL PUMP 340LPH

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Looking for an application specific intank fuel pump for your 600+ whp build?  Look no further!  TPS 340LPH series fuel pumps come from the same proven source as other “big brand” 340LPH pumps.  Our installation kits comprise of thick gauge wiring pigtails, and high quality 40 micron strainers. We back every single pump with a lifetime warranty, something you will not find with other 340LPH fuel pumps.



  1. Coating: Corrosion resistant plated steel w/ laser etched 
  2. Check Valve: Integrated check valve built into fuel pump outlet.
  3. Applications: Can be used on EFI or carbureted applications (carbureted applications will require aftermarket bypass style regulator)
  4. Type: Intank/ submersible
  5. Wiring: Thick 14 gauge universal pigtail included.  Plug and play wiring harnesses included when available.
  6. Hose: Corrugated E85 compatible flex hoses included with GM and BMW kits.  Submersible high pressure rubber hose included with other kits.
  7. Independently flowtested by TurboDottComm
  8. Serialized fuel pump body guarantees Lifetime Warranty


  • Inlet Size: Four different inlet configurations depending on application; 22mm (3/4″) center inlet (QFS-340FT), 11mm (0.433″) offset inlet (QFS-341FT), 11mm (0.433″) parallel inlet (QFS-342FT), 19mm (0.748″) offset GM inlet (QFS-343FT)
  • Outlet Size: 8mm (0.315″) outlet w/ barb
  • Pump Body Diameter: 8mm (1.540″)
  • Bypass Valve: Set to  125.8psi, higher than both Walbro GSS series 255LPH pumps
  • Use: May be used with return or returnless fuel systems, including PWM (pulse modulated systems)
  • Fuel Types: Compatible with gasoline or E85, although E85 may shorten lifespan (but will not void warranty)

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